Message about Air Conditioning at GGUSD


Garden Grove Unified School District is one of several districts in the county where the majority of schools are not air-conditioned as the main buildings of most of our schools were built before air-conditioning was available.

The Board of Education and district staff are aware of the challenge of attending school in non-air conditioned classrooms and are committed to bringing air-conditioning to our schools in the years to come. The cost of air-conditioning a single school can range anywhere from 2.5 to 4 million dollars. Due to their large size which provides more funding, each high school does have enough in its modernization budget to install air-conditioning during modernization. Elementary and intermediate schools’ site modernization budgets had to be used for the prerequisite electrical, plumbing and other infrastructure to support future air conditioning; their budgets, even with state matching funds, was not enough to install air conditioning. Adding air-conditioning to the remaining elementary and intermediate schools will cost a minimum of 150 million dollars. Air-conditioning can be installed using district facilities budgets, albeit on a longer timeline if district funds are the sole source of funding. A June 2016 bond measure, if attempted and successful, could allow us to provide air-conditioning more quickly to all schools. We understand that we need to move towards air-conditioning all of our schools, and appreciate your patience as we work to ensure that all of our schools remain successful and comfortable places to learn.

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