Monroe Dual Language Academy is Accepting Applications for 2017-18

Teacher giving lesson to student on rug.

Garden Grove Unified School District’s Spanish Dual Language Academy at Monroe Elementary School is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students are eligible for the program. Interested parents should contact the school to sign up for a school tour and orientation meeting offered in December.

In September, community leaders, district officials, and parents celebrated the successful launch of the Monroe Dual Language Academy with a Going Global ribbon cutting event. Approximately 170 transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade students are enrolled in the school this year.

Numerous studies have shown that students in two-way immersion programs meet and exceed grade level expectations by fifth and sixth grades and often exceed academic performance of English-only students. Research has also shown that dual language instruction allows students to tap into other areas of the brain -- activating critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills.

Principal Cesar Loya said the Dual Language Immersion Academy experienced a very successful start because parents really understand the value of bilingualism and are engaged in the school and their student’s success.

“At Monroe, language is a unifier that is bringing our students together,” said Teri Rocco, GGUSD Board of Education Vice President.

Students and parents do not have to be bilingual to be successful in the program which is designed for three types of students: English learners whose home language is Spanish, bilingual students who speak Spanish and English, and students who enter as monolingual English speakers.

The Monroe Dual Language Immersion Academy follows a 90:10 model, where students begin the program by learning in Spanish 90 percent of the time and in English 10 percent of the time. By sixth grade, students learn in both languages 50 percent of the time.